Mehndi Art on Cardk

This evening, I was looking over old photos of some artwork I’d completed from some years back.

I came across a very large piece and which I still have in my possession.

The painting was inspired by my love of henna art.  I love henna art work so much! If I was able to have this beautiful and amazing artwork painted over my whole body, every day, then I would!

I am in love with the intricate designs whether they be from Indian or Arabic origin.

I am in awe of the professional mehndi artists who hold the cone with so much ease and draw with such precision.  I recently discovered on youtube there are professional mehndi artist competitions!

This project took me some time to complete as being a very busy mum to younger children at the time, I went back to it and painted when I had time. A little bit here and there. I used a combination of fine liners including:


I hope you enjoy looking through the photos 🙂

awidth=”960″pea full I chose the Peacock, the National Bird of India as the main part of my design[/caption]

peackock 1peacock 2pea 5peacock 4pecock 3pea full

Love Heidi xxx

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