Regular T.V doesn’t hold much interest for me.

The majority of what we are shown is fear-inducing, low vibrational content. Not all of the time, granted. Comedy shows and earth and animal documentaries are great and really interest me and I’m sure you guys all have your own personal favourites too, but the sad fact is, we never really get shown the truth about the stuff that really matters.

I discovered an ad on Instagram last year for Gaia TV which really resonated with me at the time as I was experiencing another of my awakening processes, part of which you can read about here.


Gaia’s vision is to power the evolution of consciousness.

Gaia’s mission is to create a transformational network that empowers a global conscious community.


I liked their ethos so I had a little peek at the website, and I realised that this conscious TV was the type I’d like to watch. So, I subscribed and have now been enjoying Truth TV, at it’s best, for the past ten months.

Sometimes, I watch the documentaries and films whilst doing nothing else. Other times I place my laptop on my kitchen counter and watch/listen whilst I am washing up or cooking. Often times my ears really prick up and a particular part and I think, ‘I really need to note this down for my blog’!

I just feel that I want more and more people to see these amazing films. The teachings within all of the topics have certainly awakened me to mind-blowing stuff I had never known before. And that’s one of the reasons I love this website. I’m being educated whilst doing the washing up!

So, yeah, I have noted so many areas of interest which I’d like to share with you readers and I will continue to do so. Just click on Gaia in my main menu and it’ll take you to a ( eventually) library of conscious raising content.

Enjoy and thanks for reading my blog.


Heidi xx



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