The Three Singing Ladies!

It was during a layover at Bangulu airport, Bangalore, India, that I encountered the three singing ladies.

It was still early in the morning, around breakfast time, and the airport was quiet. I was sat in Cafe Coffee Day and because I had hours before I had to check in for my connecting flight to Dubai, I still had my main rucksack with me. I was desperate for the loo and didn’t want to take all my belongings with me so I asked the ever so attentive and helpful staff at the cafe if they could please just keep an eye on everything for me. They were only too happy to help so I picked up the important things – money, laptop, phone and battery pack – and dashed to the bathroom with the intention of being back to my bags within five minutes maximum.

My little space for the day.

Sat on the loo, I heard lots of chatter and girly giggling coming from somewhere near the wash stands.  ‘They’re having fun’ I thought to myself. Their laughter was infectious and I started to quietly chuckle to myself too. They sounded so sweet and happy!

Then the singing started. Of course, the song was from a Bollywood film. Where else? 

Whilst I sat there listening to this excited chorus from the laughing and singling ladies, I thought about how I had never before experienced this in England whilst visiting the public loo’s! 

When I went to wash my hands, I noticed the girls straight away. It was hard not too. There, at the end of the washstand area were three Jet Airways staff members, dancing away in true Bollywood style as they watched themselves in the mirror and fell about laughing at their own dance moves. They were so damn cute! With hip thrusts, wrist turns and lots of shimmies, the three ladies performed a perfect rendition of the dance sequence to one of the latest Bollywood numbers. I told them I thought they were gorgeous and had really made my morning and to this compliment, they all once again fell about, giggling wildly. I instantly adored them all.

I was conscious about getting back to my bags but after leaving the bathroom I knew I just had to get a photo of these sweet girls. Despite this, I also knew this wasn’t going to be a quick process. I rushed back inside and asked them if I could please take a photo of them, to which their response was a very excited invitation for me to come over and join them. As expected, a session of selfie taking ensued which also included the washroom janitor!

The three Singing Ladies and the washroom janitor. No, theyre not swearing. In the UK, putting two fingers up in this manner means Eff Off! In India, EVERYONE does this sign when having their photo taken and I can’t say I know where that originated from but it’s certainly not meant to be a rude gesture!

It’s moments like these which make me love this country more and more. 

Love Heidi x

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