We Are One With All That Is.

These excerpts are taken from the beautiful documentary, Another World. The film that will change the way you see the world.

Our time has become a mechanised nightmare. A machine wakes us up in the morning. We get into another machine which takes us to our work place where, you can bet, our job is to work in front of another machine for the entire day, all day long. And then at the end of a day like this, we get back into another machine and we go back home and we find more machines which are in charge of our recreation. At the end of a month of this sort of life, we get in return for our time, which is sacred, an amount of money, the most successful hypnosis of our planet. And with that money, we happily rush out to buy new machines.

In today’s culture, an ever increasing part of society, from young children to adults, live in a virtual world. Within the boundaries of their devices, their iPad, their chat, it’s a life that conditions us to never be connected to what is happening around us. To cease being agents of life and to become subjects of life, passive subjects of life.

Nature. It doesn’t belong to us. It’s all borrowed stuff. I’m not a materialistic person. I’m not gonna take it with me. As long as I’m here to enjoy what I have and who I’m with.

Westin Luke Penuma
Member of the Hopi Tribe

Native Americans end their prayers with one simple phrase; to all my relations. What I ask the Great Spirit, or give thanks to Mother Earth for all I receive, I give to all my relations. Not only on a humanistic level, but my relatives, the trees, the grass, rivers, animals, birds, insects. Because I realise that if all this is around me there is sense in everything.

Today, we are going back to the understanding that the earth as the great mother. That we belong to her, not that she belongs to us. Therefore we have to respect her. We have to treat her as a Great Mother. With love and with respect.

…Europeans use three tools to achieve this conquest ( genocide of Native Cultures). The first was the sword. The second was religion and the third was the calendar. The Christian calendar, the Gregorian calendar, destroyed human synchronisation with nature and the movements of the stars across the sky, implementing a calendar based on the life of one person, which is Jesus and determined from the probable time of his birth how to count time and create a calendar. That tool was the most important instrument, the one that contributed in a greater way to change the conception of human beings today, to stop thinking that time is all we have, the only treasure for human beings, only to have it changed into a merchandise. The calendar has to do with taxes with the duty of human beings to remunerate in money or with work for the work that is done. What it did was to formally establish that a lifetime can be quantified, bought and even sold. In other words, our life is no longer our life, but the life of he who pays us for our time.

Everywhere is the center of the world. Everything is sacred.

Black Elk

We’ve been living for thousands of years in an artificial time, (theoretically divided into 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds) in which we are convinced that time is money. These cycles do not belong to natural time.

“Everything about Hopi life is about nature. We give thanks to the Father Sun. We give thanks to Mother Earth for letting us walk her land and enjoy her beauty of life.

Westin Luke Penuma
Member of the Hopi Tribe

To Indians, Mother Earth is what gives us shelter. The mother that supports us the human being. Just like the animals, trees, sky, clouds, grass, stones. We are one of the many links in the endless chain of Creation. So we all belong to just one ONE. We are different aspects of one reality. We were the ones who shattered it, created the differences, split it up and this is the reason we are unhappy. We never see ourselves as what’s reflected around us because we always see ourselves as separate from it.

We are all from this earth (…) You should treat all things as though they are Spirit. Realize that we are One family. We are all one thing.

Red Crow

I am you in your mistakes, in your shadows, in your luminosity. I am a reflection of you and, maybe, the things I like least about you are the things I like least about me. And that means not only to a greeting to another human being but to everything that exists. With you tree, with you sky, with you mountain, with you raindrop, with everything that exists. There is nothing that exists from The Whole.

We ourselves are made up of 70 – 80% water and this happens to be the same as with the earth. The so called terraqueous globe is made of water up to 70 – 80%. We call her Mother earth because we obviously come from her. If that’s where we come from, we must have the same properties. And where does the earth come from? Doesn’t it come from what we call The Cosmos? And isn’t that cosmos, that mysterious dark energy which we think we’ve been looking for at all levels and which we do not find, that dark energy is thought.

In The Universe, there is nothing that can be stronger than thought. It is thought that generates matter. Matter is about the effect of the cosmic thought, of a cosmic project that has enabled it to reveal itself.

Whether we like it or not, we are the cause of ourselves. By coming into this world we come under the illusion on senses: we believe what is apparent. The fear seizes us and we forget that we are Divine, that we can alter the course of events.

Giordano Bruno

You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1V.4.5

I am not affiliated with Gaia TV in any way but I do like to share the link because I encourage people to try truth TV. If you’d like to watch Another World, you can do so here.

Namaste sweet sisters and brothers.

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