A painting for my dad.

I was dying to get started with pastels so in July, I grabbed what pastels I had to hand and got stuck in! I searched a pic from Google of this gorgeous cat and set about adding as much fur detail as possible. My dad loves it!

Commissions are always welcome. Please visit my instagram page Heidi Hawkins Art ( I also have facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages of the same name) to browse the images. If you like what you see, I’d so very much appreciate a like, comment or share as the algorithms will then work their magic and get me more noticed and therefore, hopefully, generate commissions for me.

I absolutely LOVE with a passion what I do. My up and coming therapy business went down hill to nothing with the onset of Covid and the lockdown. I desperately miss giving healing therapy such as Reiki and massage, but my artistic talent has become my saviour, for sure. Not financially just yet, but mentally, most definitely. I also do people portraits so you dont have to have a furry friend to commission me. I understand the desperate situation people are now in financially but I dont want that to stop anyone from accessing my art, so I am perfectly happy to offer payment plans.

Have a great day, everyone 😊


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