Connecting With The Universe

I love this picture.

It resonates so much with me because it depicts exactly how it feels for me, and the images I receive, when I am giving Reiki healing.

The beautiful love energy, which IS the nature of our Universe, of God, of Goddess, channels through me, filling me with light and then which pours in abundance into your energy field. 

I am sent images of what can only be described as a sparkly light, and I feel the buzzing of this in my hands.  I know these sparkles to be of a very high vibrational dimension as once, during an astral travel experience, I reached a completely silent state where I was enveloped in such light. It was as though there were a billion fireflies for as far as I could see. In later months, I was reading something relating to astral travel, and it said that the higher the dimension, the more sparkly it becomes. How beautiful!

The Universe does indeed love you. Let her love guide and teach you. 

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