Insulating my Campervan.

If there was one thing I learned from my road trip in March, it was that my van desperately needed insulating! I was a fool to sleep in it then, but I needed to visit my dear old mum in her care home. 

First, I brought some insulating board from Wickes which was then cut to size. All I had was a piece of ply as the flooring so I placed the Kingspan insulating board onto that. This was then followed by a sheet of OSB ( oriented standard board), again cut to size. This will be covered, when funds allow, with wood effect tiles.

With regards insulating the ceiling, my mate happened to have a part roll of foil insulation left over from a project of hers. It was pretty much the perfect fit for my ceiling!

I purchased another roll of foil insulation for the windows. I cut them all to size and edges them off neatly with foil tape. I couldn’t figure out how to attach them to my windows on a more permanent basis, so I came up with a more temporary measure for the time being. I used adhesive Velcro strips, which, whilst looking a little crude around the windows, certainly does the job for this year! Having tried and tested the method this year, so far I can report that it works! When I heat my van, the van stays toasty. Yay! Just what I wanted.

I shall continue to work on my lovely campervan, bit by bit, as time and funds allow.

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