Chakras & Painted Stones

Ive been a busy bee painting stones with Chakra symbols. And its been lovely. Such a calming way to spend my time.

These chakra stones have been handpainted with love. I use quality acrylic paints and then varnish for durability. These set of chakra stones look stunning together and have been painted to show the Sanskrit symbols of the main 7 chakra areas of our energy field. These being:

Red – Root- MULADHARA – Seed Mantra is Lam

Orange – Sacral – SVADHISTHANA – Seed Mantra is Vam

Yellow – Solar Plexus – MANIPURA – Seed Mantra is Ram

Green – Heart – ANAHATA – Seed Mantra is Yam

Blue – Throat – VISHUDDHA – Seed Mantra is Ham

Purple – Third Eye – AJNA – Seed Mantra is Aum

Light Purple – Crown – SAHASRARA – Seed Mantra is Om

These chakra stones would make a wonderful addition to your yoga space or healing rooms. They can also be used in chakra alignment meditation by holding, or keeping them close by, during your meditation. Or just simply have them dotted around the house. They work wonderfully on your work desk to help keep you calm and focused. As a Reiki master, I imbue all my work with Reiki so each stone carries that beautiful healing energy forward into your space. Simply hold in your hand to receive the energy. These chakra stones measure approximately 7 x 6 x 2 and are average adult palm sized.

I shall be gradually adding more painted chakra stones to my shop in the coming weeks and each listing will see the stones gradually reduce in size and in cost. If you are interested in what sizes are available and to order yours ahead of time, please do message me and I can arrange a custom order for you. These chakra stones, as with the smaller ones coming soon, are all available to purchase individually as well.

If you feel you may be interested in purchasing one, some, or a full set, please either reach out to me on here, or pop along to any one of my two Etsy Shops.

Namaste everyone. ☺️


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