Lion Portrait in Pastels

My latest pastel painting is of a lion. He’s rather beautiful! I love to browse Wildlife Reference Photos site when choosing images to draw. For a small fee, you can download anything. The list is seemingly infinite! Simply type in the name of an animal, insect, etc and pages upon pages of images will come up. Have a look for yourself, if you’re interested.

I think I’m okay with how my drawing is progressing, although I am less pleased with it at this stage than I have been with previous paintings. I’m really looking forward to drawing his beautiful mane. Lots of layering on that part.

On Monday, I painted for the whole day with a group of lovely people. A good friend of mine who Ive known for years runs the group. Artisocial, it’s called. Great name! She used to own and run The Art Academy in my hometown and my girls went there for their art lessons, and in later years I returned for the adult group as a way of having a bit of respite once a week from my caring responsibilities. Artisocial is very like that except you bring your own art and craft supplies whilst Lydia supplies the cakes and hot drinks. I enjoyed myself so much, I kind of didn’t want to leave. Roll on next Monday!

I’ve also been busy this week setting up my new art pages on Etsy, Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. I’ve changed my name from Heidi Hawkins to Forrest Love so I had to update all the platforms on which I show my art. Very time consuming but hopefully worth it. I really enjoyed creating my new logo on Canva. I love Canva! You can get so creative with it.

So, I’ll leave some pics here of the lion wip. Tell me what you think or, redirect me to your sites so I can browse your work too. Artists solidarity 🙂

Lots of Love. Forrest xx


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