Sobriety and Gratitude.

Today, I am 25 days sober.

Its been a good day. I feel good.

Mondays are art club days and I absolutely love that club. Being social with other artists and crafters. I love the lady who runs it. I’ve known her for about seventeen years and she used to teach my girls art at a wonderful club she ran way back then when my children were small. Their paintings still adorn my walls.

I came home and cooked and then watched The Great Pottery Throwdown before I set off to Monday evenings AA meeting.

This evening, we read Gratitude In Action from The Big Book. Whilst I was helping with drying the cups after the meeting, I suddenly had a mind to write a gratefulness list on my blog, so here I am. As I type, I have no plans for how short or long it will be.

The first thing that springs to mind is how grateful I am for my sponsor. What a beautiful soul, who took two hours out of her spare time to come and sit on my sofa with me and take me through the beginnings of Step 1. I feel humbled and in deep gratitude to her.

I am grateful for my life.

I am so incredibly grateful to the men and women who make up Alcoholics Anonymous. You are helping to save me from myself.

I am grateful for my daughter. Sweet, kind, considerate, trustworthy, brave and steadfast.

I am definitely grateful for my campervan without which I wouldn’t be able to get to meetings.

Talking of my beautiful wagon, the cold got to her bones this morning and she wouldn’t start. I had totally forgotten that just a fortnight ago I had purchased a battery charger and whilst it sat on my kitchen table, my daughter and I waited patiently for the breakdown people to arrive! I didn’t like the thought that I would be late for art club but I also was quite keen to get the washing on the radiators, tidy my art room and write an important email. What I in fact did before any of that was sit quietly on my bed and read Bills Story. What does this tell me? It tells me that ( just for today) I am putting my commitment to my sobriety, first.

I am grateful for my sobriety.

Love Forrest.


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