Hello and Welcome!

I’ve been mostly a full-time mum now for 26 years. I have five children, two boys, three girls. My eldest son and my youngest son and daughter who are twins have a very rare chromosome disorder called Smith-Magenis Syndrome, so life has been a challenge, to say the least. There is only one other set of twins with SMS known in the world and I am currently the only known woman in the world with three children with this condition.

As a full-time lone parent, I have not had the opportunity to work outside of my home so I have enjoyed various business pursuits over the years ranging from making babies and children’s crafts to being a pub and restaurant sign writer from my home. As a keen artist, I have enjoyed painting wall murals for community and charity projects. I was always painting the faces of my children and their friends as they grew and this developed into working at some children’s parties and a charity fundraising event. However, this passion soon spilled over to a desire to paint pregnant mum’s bellies! I had a strong response to my offer of free painting in order to build my portfolio and so last year I was able toย spend ta very happy summertime with expectant mums and their beautiful bumps! Currently, I am enjoying painting henna designs on peoples bodies for fun!

I love to travel and even though I have not visited many places, I did spend some time over a matter of years in Goa, India where my children went to school there and learned to read and write Hindi and Konkani. More recently, I have been fortunate enough to go back and visited India again.

I love colour and so I paint whenever I have time. I’m lucky to come from a family of artists, so art comes very naturally for me.

I practice meditation mostly daily and I love the journey of self-healing and self-discovery I am on.

My greatest journey, however, is the transition from my role as full-time carer to something yet quite unknown. My teenage, disabled, beautiful boy is moving on to pastures new. He’s leaving home to go and live in his residential, special needs college! We are both destined for some amazing new times ahead.

Please take this journey with me. It won’t be the same if it’s not shared.