Connecting With The Universe

I love this picture. It resonates so much with me because it depicts exactly how it feels for me, and the images I receive, when I am giving Reiki healing. The beautiful love energy, which IS the nature of our Universe, of God, of Goddess, channels through me, filling me with light and then whichContinue reading “Connecting With The Universe”

Healing Through the Power of the Full Moon ( and angels?)

So much seems to be happening to me lately, spiritually speaking. Even though I slept well and long, I still woke tired because it has been rather an eventful night. So, I’ll just get right on and tell you what happened to me, ( with me?) Thursday 7th September 2017 and I turned in early,Continue reading “Healing Through the Power of the Full Moon ( and angels?)”

Awakening of Consciousness. My Personal Story.

Seeings that so much is happening with me lately on a spiritual level, I’d like to tell you about an experience I had in 2008. It’s a really long time ago now but it’s still as real to me now as though it happened yesterday. But it’s really important I tell people now as I’veContinue reading “Awakening of Consciousness. My Personal Story.”