The Teachings of Ram Dass

I AM: Divine Nature

The minute you start to allow yourself to be beautiful, the minute you can say not I would be fine if I were this way, but I Am, I Am.

Close your eyes and say to yourself now, I Am.

And look at all your stuff and just let it be. Don’t wish it any other way than it is, and just say I Am and allow your personality and all it’s problems, your body and all it’s problems, your social scene and economic scene and all it’s problems, see it all as just the workings of nature, like trees grow and trees die and rivers and fish and birds and brooks and all of it. Just look at it all and allow it space, and see that within it all, I Am.

I Am. I Am.

And as more and more you begin to recognize the I Am, when you look at other beings, you will see that in them. And I Am meets I Am in love….not romantic love, not possessive love, not needful love, not jealous love, not the polarity of love and hate in the ocean of love, because you can add on I Am Love.

I Am Love.

I’m not asking you what your emotions are at this moment.

I Am Love.

I Am Awareness.

I Am Energy.

Feel your whole body as merely a pulsating pattern of energy, all of your thoughts as forms of energy. See it all as just patterns and patterns of energy.

I Am the Spirit Made Manifest.

I Am the Spirit Made Manifest.

I Am what I Am and I Am God.

All of the difficulties with your body, all of the difficulties in your social world, all of the difficulties in your personality, all will fall into perspective when you recognize I Am. Some of them will disappear because you won’t need them anymore. And some of them you will understand as the perfect expression of the working out of your karma, and you will allow them to continue.

Make sure you heard that.

When you have entered into the place of I Am, then all your physical problems, all of your social problems, all of your psychological problems will come into perspective. Those that you do not need will fall away. Others you will recognize as the perfect working out of your karma, and you will allow them to continue.

I Am Love

Who I Am is not vulnerable.

When your body dies, I Am. Before time, I Am.

With each problem you think you have, see that it is your model of having the problem that is the problem. Don’t analyze your way out of it. Just sit down quietly and follow your breath. And if you can learn how to talk to God, or talk to your inner guru, open your heart. Be in an intimate relationship with your beloved. Talk through the Divine Mother. Be in Love with the spirit of God. Open your heart in the inner chambers and say to your beloved, Let me know you. Let me merge into you.Let me even pass by my separateness of my love for you to become One with you.

That’s the prayer.

When you pray to God, pray for God, that’s the route home. It’s all said, it’s right there. It’s in every motel room. The living Truth, everything you needed to know is sitting right there, right there.

Ram Dass.

Fun Fish Sculpture

Hello everyone 😊

In 2013, my daughter and I travelled to Turkey for a weeks break. Whilst there, I popped into a lovely working sculpture gallery run by an artist who created the most incredible sculptures using just about everything he could find from his local beach.

I came home full of inspiration, so I went on the hunt for some driftwood and came up with this fiah sculpture. I used a bended mental coat hanger and chicken wire for the frame, then binded rough string around it. The eye was made using a washer and hand rolled clay balls, as is the balls on the body. I added shells onto the driftwood tail. It was great fun to make and I really enjoyed the process!

Commissions are always welcome. Please visit my instagram page Heidi Hawkins Art ( I also have facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages of the same name) to browse the images. If you like what you see, I’d so very much appreciate a like, comment or share as the algorithms will then work their magic and get me more noticed and therefore, hopefully, generate commissions for me.

I absolutely LOVE with a passion what I do. My up and coming therapy business went down hill to nothing with the onset of Covid and the lockdown. I desperately miss giving healing therapy such as  Reiki and massage, but my artistic talent has become my saviour, for sure. Not financially just yet, but mentally, most definitely. I also do people portraits so you dont have to have a furry friend to commission me. I understand the desperate situation people are now in financially but I dont want that to stop anyone from accessing my art, so I am perfectly happy to offer payment plans.

Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to check out my post. 😊

A painting for my dad.

I was dying to get started with pastels so in July, I grabbed what pastels I had to hand and got stuck in! I searched a pic from Google of this gorgeous cat and set about adding as much fur detail as possible. My dad loves it!

Commissions are always welcome. Please visit my instagram page Heidi Hawkins Art ( I also have facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages of the same name) to browse the images. If you like what you see, I’d so very much appreciate a like, comment or share as the algorithms will then work their magic and get me more noticed and therefore, hopefully, generate commissions for me.

I absolutely LOVE with a passion what I do. My up and coming therapy business went down hill to nothing with the onset of Covid and the lockdown. I desperately miss giving healing therapy such as Reiki and massage, but my artistic talent has become my saviour, for sure. Not financially just yet, but mentally, most definitely. I also do people portraits so you dont have to have a furry friend to commission me. I understand the desperate situation people are now in financially but I dont want that to stop anyone from accessing my art, so I am perfectly happy to offer payment plans.

Have a great day, everyone 😊


Macro Photography on a Samsung A40

Hello folks!

Today, my blog post is all about my wonderful daughter’s photography.

India is studying media at college and usually would have the use of a very nice DSLR camera. However, during lockdown here in the UK, India has been getting creative in our garden by shooting some rather impressive macro photography on just her Samsung A40.

So here they are for you to enjoy and, please do comment with any hints, tips and critisisms. It’s all a learning curve and India is open to any teachings she can right now as she won’t be returning to college until September at the very earliest.

Can anyone identify this please?
Jumping Spider in Our Strawberry Planter
Peek-a-boo Bug

My South Goa Road Trip

My annual holiday to Goa, India, was going swimmingly. I’d left the freezing cold of the British winter and was enjoying the heat on the beach under swaying palms. After I’d spent some time catching up with old friends and attending the Holi celebrations on the beach, I decided to take a road trip South along the coast to Palolem.

My base was, as ever, in Varca, a small fishing village about 40km South of Goa’s capital, Panjim. Palolem is situated in the district of Canacona, around 30km from Varca. The drive in itself only takes just over an hour, but I decided to take the scenic coastal path, stopping off to take photos and vlog along the way. As well, I was on my scooter which had a decidedly dodgy front tyre, and besides, I had no plans to hurry, only amble.

From Varca to Palolem. I actually detoured to Cavelossim.

I drove slowly through sleepy hamlets to have breakfast in Cavelossim, a touristy village around 7km south of Varca. Cavelossim was just waking up but I could see that it would become quite busy with it’s many boutique style shops, restaurants and mid to high end hotels. I chose to eat in my favourtite places of all ( when trying to save money) and these are the local cafes where you can fill up on chai, baji and patties for under 100 rupees ( that’s around £1 GB).


I decided to take a drive down to the end of the peninsular along the estuary to Betul Beach. I didn’t end up seeing the beach because, as you can see from the map, the road ran alongside the river and I just stuck to the route. It was very pretty though and I enjoyed the drive. I saw huge eagles, enormous tropical butterflies, small houses shaded by sky-scraping palms and boats floating lazily on the impossibly beautiful water.

Cavelossim estuary

I doubled back on myself and drove back through Cavelossim and out onto the highway. My original plan was to stop off at Cabo De Rama Fort for the spectacular views across the Arabian sea. On my way there, I noticed the scooter was starting to slide over potholes and so decided to stop at the next garage I could find, and luckily I didn’t have to drive for too much further before I found one. For 20 rupees, the mechanic pumped the front tyre but told me that I this was just a temporary fix and that the tyre needed replacing at some point, but I was at least glad that I would make it to Palolem without any further problems.

I was driving along a particulary long and barren section of road with very little water left in my bottle and getting hotter by the second, when right there in the middle of nowwhere was a little tea stop. How glad I was to see that! One very cold lime soda and a lovely chat with the owner later, I was on the road again, on route to the fort.

On the way to the cliff edge I took a left turning instead of a right and found myself at the cliff top entrance to the exclusive resort The Cape. The views of the sea and beaches below were nothing short of majestic! I stayed for some time, vlogging and taking photos and just marvelling at the incredible views!

Views from The Cape resort, Goa
So, okay…I mucked around with photoshop 🙂

I eventually arrived at the entrance to Cabo De Rama Fort but soon realised that my visit there wasn’t to be on that day. I took a peek, carrying my rucksack with me and immediately decided against it. My bag was heavy and I didn’t want to leave it unattended with the scooter and I was way too hot and sweaty to hike anywhere! It was fine though really. I was more than satisfied with the views I had already taken in from The Cape.

So, onwards with my journey. I was so damn hot and my bum was completely numb and all I could think about was jumping in the sea when I reached Palolem. Still, I appreciated my journey. I love to drive the scooter through the roads and back lanes of beautiful Goa.

Passing by sleepy rivers on route through South Goa.

Around three hours after leaving Varca, I finally arrived in Palolem. Ahhh, bliss! Now to find the accommodation……

Palolem Beach Goa.
Monkey Island is situated at the far Northern end of Palolem beach.

Thank You For Everything.

I’ve just returned from a lovely walk with my Border Collie, Willow. Whilst walking, I looked around me and I felt so blessed to be in this space and time.

As I walked, I repeated one of my favourite chants to the time of my footsteps.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

I marvelled at the changing season. Spring! Spring is springing up everywhere! The daffodils, the snowdrops, the very pregnant sheep in the fields. I love it. I love it all.

As the wind blew and the sun shone, I felt overcome with gratitude and love for nature and for the fact that I am a part of this divinity and as I looked at my surroundings I sent out messages of love and gratefulness.

Thank you for the trees, their love energy surrounding me as I walk beneath them. I am you and you are me. 
Thank you for the wind as it's strong energy blows all around me, in me, through me. I am you and you are me.
Thank you for the seasons and the new signs of spring. I am you and you are me.
Thank you for the flowers which bless me with their beauty. I am you and you are me.
Thank you for the water which flows fiercely in the streams by the side of the lane. I am you and you are me.
Thank you for the rain. So heavily it has fallen these past few weeks, leaving streams and puddles and making everything smell fresh and alive. I am you and you are me. 
Thank you Father Sun as your warmth lights up my face. I am you and you are me.
Thank you Sweet Mother Earth for all that you give. For offering your love so graciously to all who walk with you. I am you and you are me. 

Feeling those wonderful feelings of gratefulness for all we have, whatever that may be, is the path to God, to Source energy, to the Divine within ourselves for we are not separate from The Whole.

Namaste. May your day be filled with blessings and joy.

We Are One With All That Is.

These excerpts are taken from the beautiful documentary, Another World. The film that will change the way you see the world.

Our time has become a mechanised nightmare. A machine wakes us up in the morning. We get into another machine which takes us to our work place where, you can bet, our job is to work in front of another machine for the entire day, all day long. And then at the end of a day like this, we get back into another machine and we go back home and we find more machines which are in charge of our recreation. At the end of a month of this sort of life, we get in return for our time, which is sacred, an amount of money, the most successful hypnosis of our planet. And with that money, we happily rush out to buy new machines.

In today’s culture, an ever increasing part of society, from young children to adults, live in a virtual world. Within the boundaries of their devices, their iPad, their chat, it’s a life that conditions us to never be connected to what is happening around us. To cease being agents of life and to become subjects of life, passive subjects of life.

Nature. It doesn’t belong to us. It’s all borrowed stuff. I’m not a materialistic person. I’m not gonna take it with me. As long as I’m here to enjoy what I have and who I’m with.

Westin Luke Penuma
Member of the Hopi Tribe

Native Americans end their prayers with one simple phrase; to all my relations. What I ask the Great Spirit, or give thanks to Mother Earth for all I receive, I give to all my relations. Not only on a humanistic level, but my relatives, the trees, the grass, rivers, animals, birds, insects. Because I realise that if all this is around me there is sense in everything.

Today, we are going back to the understanding that the earth as the great mother. That we belong to her, not that she belongs to us. Therefore we have to respect her. We have to treat her as a Great Mother. With love and with respect.

…Europeans use three tools to achieve this conquest ( genocide of Native Cultures). The first was the sword. The second was religion and the third was the calendar. The Christian calendar, the Gregorian calendar, destroyed human synchronisation with nature and the movements of the stars across the sky, implementing a calendar based on the life of one person, which is Jesus and determined from the probable time of his birth how to count time and create a calendar. That tool was the most important instrument, the one that contributed in a greater way to change the conception of human beings today, to stop thinking that time is all we have, the only treasure for human beings, only to have it changed into a merchandise. The calendar has to do with taxes with the duty of human beings to remunerate in money or with work for the work that is done. What it did was to formally establish that a lifetime can be quantified, bought and even sold. In other words, our life is no longer our life, but the life of he who pays us for our time.

Everywhere is the center of the world. Everything is sacred.

Black Elk

We’ve been living for thousands of years in an artificial time, (theoretically divided into 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds) in which we are convinced that time is money. These cycles do not belong to natural time.

“Everything about Hopi life is about nature. We give thanks to the Father Sun. We give thanks to Mother Earth for letting us walk her land and enjoy her beauty of life.

Westin Luke Penuma
Member of the Hopi Tribe

To Indians, Mother Earth is what gives us shelter. The mother that supports us the human being. Just like the animals, trees, sky, clouds, grass, stones. We are one of the many links in the endless chain of Creation. So we all belong to just one ONE. We are different aspects of one reality. We were the ones who shattered it, created the differences, split it up and this is the reason we are unhappy. We never see ourselves as what’s reflected around us because we always see ourselves as separate from it.

We are all from this earth (…) You should treat all things as though they are Spirit. Realize that we are One family. We are all one thing.

Red Crow

I am you in your mistakes, in your shadows, in your luminosity. I am a reflection of you and, maybe, the things I like least about you are the things I like least about me. And that means not only to a greeting to another human being but to everything that exists. With you tree, with you sky, with you mountain, with you raindrop, with everything that exists. There is nothing that exists from The Whole.

We ourselves are made up of 70 – 80% water and this happens to be the same as with the earth. The so called terraqueous globe is made of water up to 70 – 80%. We call her Mother earth because we obviously come from her. If that’s where we come from, we must have the same properties. And where does the earth come from? Doesn’t it come from what we call The Cosmos? And isn’t that cosmos, that mysterious dark energy which we think we’ve been looking for at all levels and which we do not find, that dark energy is thought.

In The Universe, there is nothing that can be stronger than thought. It is thought that generates matter. Matter is about the effect of the cosmic thought, of a cosmic project that has enabled it to reveal itself.

Whether we like it or not, we are the cause of ourselves. By coming into this world we come under the illusion on senses: we believe what is apparent. The fear seizes us and we forget that we are Divine, that we can alter the course of events.

Giordano Bruno

You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1V.4.5

I am not affiliated with Gaia TV in any way but I do like to share the link because I encourage people to try truth TV. If you’d like to watch Another World, you can do so here.

Namaste sweet sisters and brothers.

Spiritual Book Excerpts : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Taken from Page 2

”….To live in a world where it is all good and no evil is what Sanskrit logicians call ‘a dream in the air’. Another theory in modern times has been presented by several schools, that man’s destiny is to go on always improving, always struggling towards, but never reaching the goal. This statement, though apparently very nice, is also absurd, because there is no such thing as motion in a straight line.

Every motion is in a circle. If you can take up a stone and project it into space, and then live long enough, that stone, if it meets with no obstruction, will come back exactly to your hand. A straight line, infinitely projected, must end in a circle.

Therefore, this idea that the destiny of man is progressing ever forward and forward and never stopping, is absurd. although extraneous to the subject, I may remark that this idea explains the ethical theory, that you must not hate, and must love. Because, just as in the case of electricity, the modern theory is that the power leaves the dynamo, so with hate and love; they must come back to the source. Therefore, do not hate anybody, because that hatred which comes out from you. must, in the long run, come back to you. If you love, that love will come back to you, completing the circle. It is certain as can be that every bit of hatred that goes out from the heart of a man comes back to him in full force, nothing can stop it; similarly every impulse of love comes back to him.”

If you would like to purchase this beautiful book, you can do so here.

Namaste sweet souls. x

Chakra Series. Part one.

Introduction to Chakras

The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit ( ancient language of India) word ‘wheel’ ‘circle’ and emerged from the thousands of years old Hindu vedas which depict Chakras as energy centres within our subtle body and which receive, transform and distribute universal life force throughout the body. 

Whilst it is most common for us to steer more toward the ancient vedic teachings of India in order to understand more about the Chakra systems, in actual fact, there is evidence of ancient texts from Africa, the Middle East and other areas of Asia. In short, knowledge of our subtle energy centres has been known around the globe for thousands of years. 

There are hundreds of chakras located in and outside of our auric field but, for now, we will concentrate on the seven major chakras of which we are most familiar. These are:

The nature of our mind-body-spirit connection can be understood in terms of the chakra system as chakras form the model of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Knowledge of how to maintain balance within our chakra systems is key to living a healthier and happier life. When any one of them is spinning with a weak vibration, this can manifest as a physical symptom affecting a particular area of your body, or as an emotional or psychological symptom affecting your outlook. Each chakra rotates in a spiral vibration and at a different frequency; the first chakra ( Muladhara) is the densest energy and therefore vibrates at the slowest frequency, whereas, moving up through the chakra systems to the seventh ( Sahasrara) is of the lightest energy and therefore vibrates at a much faster and more exquisitely refined frequency. 

Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Anahata                Heart Chakra

  Throat Chakra
Third eye Chakra
Crown Chakra

Each Chakra has a corresponding element, symbol, colour, musical note, mantra, physical sence, essential oil, crystal, organ of the physical body, emotional aspect of the human experience, astrological sign and planet.

Over the coming weeks, each blog post will cover an in-depth exploration of each chakra in turn, starting with Muladhara. I shall also be expanding on ways of how you can align yourself with Universal life force energy by means of working on balancing each chakra point. In addition to this, I shall be explaining the connection between the marma points of the body (referred to as acupressure points according to traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Chakra points as well as including links to chakra cleansing meditations.

Namaste Beautiful Ones.

The Three Singing Ladies!

It was during a layover at Bangulu airport, Bangalore, India, that I encountered the three singing ladies.

It was still early in the morning, around breakfast time, and the airport was quiet. I was sat in Cafe Coffee Day and because I had hours before I had to check in for my connecting flight to Dubai, I still had my main rucksack with me. I was desperate for the loo and didn’t want to take all my belongings with me so I asked the ever so attentive and helpful staff at the cafe if they could please just keep an eye on everything for me. They were only too happy to help so I picked up the important things – money, laptop, phone and battery pack – and dashed to the bathroom with the intention of being back to my bags within five minutes maximum.

My little space for the day.

Sat on the loo, I heard lots of chatter and girly giggling coming from somewhere near the wash stands.  ‘They’re having fun’ I thought to myself. Their laughter was infectious and I started to quietly chuckle to myself too. They sounded so sweet and happy!

Then the singing started. Of course, the song was from a Bollywood film. Where else? 

Whilst I sat there listening to this excited chorus from the laughing and singling ladies, I thought about how I had never before experienced this in England whilst visiting the public loo’s! 

When I went to wash my hands, I noticed the girls straight away. It was hard not too. There, at the end of the washstand area were three Jet Airways staff members, dancing away in true Bollywood style as they watched themselves in the mirror and fell about laughing at their own dance moves. They were so damn cute! With hip thrusts, wrist turns and lots of shimmies, the three ladies performed a perfect rendition of the dance sequence to one of the latest Bollywood numbers. I told them I thought they were gorgeous and had really made my morning and to this compliment, they all once again fell about, giggling wildly. I instantly adored them all.

I was conscious about getting back to my bags but after leaving the bathroom I knew I just had to get a photo of these sweet girls. Despite this, I also knew this wasn’t going to be a quick process. I rushed back inside and asked them if I could please take a photo of them, to which their response was a very excited invitation for me to come over and join them. As expected, a session of selfie taking ensued which also included the washroom janitor!

The three Singing Ladies and the washroom janitor. No, theyre not swearing. In the UK, putting two fingers up in this manner means Eff Off! In India, EVERYONE does this sign when having their photo taken and I can’t say I know where that originated from but it’s certainly not meant to be a rude gesture!

It’s moments like these which make me love this country more and more. 

Love Heidi x