I had an unexpected week off and before I knew it I was looking at Air BnB’s in Marrakesh.

The word MARRAKESH just literally fell into my head like, BAMM!!

Why? I don’t know. But there it was.

I didn’t have an instinctual feeling to be there. There wasn’t some kind of spiritual or mysetrious pull to visit Morocco, but the word was big, loud and obvious and so I booked.

I hardly had any money and there certainly wasn’t going to be spends for souvenirs and excursions. I booked a flight with Easy Jet and decided to take only hand luggage and so there was no need to pay extra for a hold bag and I really didn’t care where I sat on the plane so I didn’t pay extra for any preferred seating either.

Just me, one small backpack enough to fit some basic clothes in, enough money for food and a little extra for some small extra’s ( whatever they may turn out to be ), a confirmed BnB at a Riad in the Medina for just £11 per night, and a massive sense for travel adventure.

I had no idea what to expect…… but I was oh, so pleasently suprised.

IMG_9091 2
Flying from Gatwick
IMG_9095 2
Walking across the tarmac from the plane to Marrakesh Airport
IMG_9096 2
Menara Airport, Marrakesh
IMG_9097 2
Clean and Organised Roads for Driving in Marrakesh
IMG_9099 2
The Walls Surrounding the Medina
IMG_9100 2
Entance to an Exclusive Hotel. ( not where I was staying, haha)

I have made a video HERE of the journey from the airport to my Riad. Please enjoy.

Lots more to follow……


Heidi xx


Kundalini Awakening Within Religion

This excerpt from the documentary KUNDALINI highlights how our kundalini energy, our awakened consciousness, which rises from the root chakra to the crown, is depicted in religions of the world.



Shiva Shakti represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies

According to Hindu tradition, Kundalini Shakti or the divine feminine energy resides at the base of the spine in the first chakra and slowly makes her ascent up the spine when she has been awakened. Her role as divine energy is to travel to the crown chakra at the top of the head to unite with her beloved Shiva, the divine masculine energy, or pure consciousness who is inert until the sacred circuit is completed. Shakti’s duty is to purify the individual in the soul body, physical body, mental body, psychological body and emotional body as she ascends, giving us her blessings to evolve to our maximum potential. Kundalini nourishes the Tree of Life within us and is coiled up like a sleeping snake and therefore it is called the serpent power.






Christians called it a reflection of the Holy Ghost. The Old Testament symbol becomes significant in Christianity when Christ suggests Kundalini awakening. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even as the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.




Mercury and the Caduceus

The caduceus, held by Roman God Mercury with one or two coiled serpents entwined around the staff, represents Kundalini which rises along the central, subtle channel in a spiral movement.




The Lord Buddha spoke of the Middle Path to achieve Nirvana. He was actually describing the central channel Sushumna which the Kundalini ascends from the root chakra to the crown chakra.



quranIn the Holy Quran, the prophet Mohammed Sahib talked of the day of resurrection when he says that The Hands Will Speak. When Kundalini awakening occurs a flow of energy in the form of cool vibrations from the hands is experienced. And the various chakras can be felt on parts of the hands and fingers.



The Hand of Hamesh 

Shekhina, the radiance of God is the Hebrew concept of Kundalini Shakti. It is a feminine Hebrew word meaning the dwelling or settling and is used to denote the dwelling or settling presence of God.




“The thing to be aware of though, when a person is going through the process of raising their kundalini Shakti, it’s very difficult for them to identify it and it’s what I call the false kundalini process or the false born again. It’s a fairly easy process if I were ruthless and wanted to control people, to lead them through it. What it is is a mind control technique. It’s really simple. It’s done quite often in charismatic churches. Where you:

  1. Allow the volume or your voice to go up and down.
  2. Tell a sad story, a happy story, knock a person’s emotional consciousness of balance.
  3. Induce guilt, fear or anger.
  4. Offer them a way to get rid of that.

They will swear on a bible they are born again and it has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It is a mind control game. It is actually a stage hypnosis induction technique.

It’s totally false and where it is so dangerous is, the pitfall is instead of you surrendering to the Divine, which is what makes a person raise the  consciousness slope, the person surrenders their authority to another human being. They look for some-ONE to surrender their authority to.”



Heidi xx