I had an unexpected week off and before I knew it I was looking at Air BnB’s in Marrakesh.

The word MARRAKESH just literally fell into my head like, BAMM!!

Why? I don’t know. But there it was.

I didn’t have an instinctual feeling to be there. There wasn’t some kind of spiritual or mysetrious pull to visit Morocco, but the word was big, loud and obvious and so I booked.

I hardly had any money and there certainly wasn’t going to be spends for souvenirs and excursions. I booked a flight with Easy Jet and decided to take only hand luggage and so there was no need to pay extra for a hold bag and I really didn’t care where I sat on the plane so I didn’t pay extra for any preferred seating either.

Just me, one small backpack enough to fit some basic clothes in, enough money for food and a little extra for some small extra’s ( whatever they may turn out to be ), a confirmed BnB at a Riad in the Medina for just £11 per night, and a massive sense for travel adventure.

I had no idea what to expect…… but I was oh, so pleasently suprised.

IMG_9091 2
Flying from Gatwick
IMG_9095 2
Walking across the tarmac from the plane to Marrakesh Airport
IMG_9096 2
Menara Airport, Marrakesh
IMG_9097 2
Clean and Organised Roads for Driving in Marrakesh
IMG_9099 2
The Walls Surrounding the Medina
IMG_9100 2
Entance to an Exclusive Hotel. ( not where I was staying, haha)

I have made a video HERE of the journey from the airport to my Riad. Please enjoy.

Lots more to follow……


Heidi xx


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