The drive from Menara airport to my riad was interesting and filled me with a wonderful sense of excitement for the days ahead. I loved the sights, the people and the busyness of the markets as we drove by.

When we left the main roads and turned into the windy, narrow streets of the medina, I was in awe of the sights. We drove past market stalls full of fruit, vegetables and other goods. Past donkeys pulling carts and secret doorways which led to who knows where. Women in burkas were walking together hand in hand with their children or just stood chatting by the high walls of their homes. Men sat playing cards at tables outside small cafes and worked on fixing bicycles. I was amazed at how our car could fit down these narrow streets and sometimes there were literally just inches to spare between us and a donkey!

IMG_9194 4
On the way to my Riad.

Finally, our car could go no further and we got out and walked the rest of the way. Thankfully, the taxi driver walked with me as I think I never would’ve found my way to the Riad had I been left to walk alone. After about 5 minutes of walking, we came to an ornate looking black door. We rang the bell and waited only a few seconds before it was answered by a very friendly and welcoming lady who showed me inside.

Now, as I said in my other post, which you can find HERE, my visit to Marrakech was very impulsive and arranged only a couple of days before I flew, and I really hadn’t done a whole lot of research into Riads or Medinas! I’d seen a few photos of the Riad on Airbnb but really, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Basically, as a very short description for those who don’t know, a Riad is a Moroccan traditional house, normally with two or more storeys around an Andalusian-style courtyard that contains a fountain. ( Thank you Wiki – read more HERE).

I went down a few steps into a beautiful courtyard. I loved it! The furniture, the decor, the style, the ornaments, Moroccan lamps, the painted furniture, the dark wood doors and not to mention the gorgeous fountain.

IMG_9104 3

IMG_9106 3

IMG_9107 3

IMG_9109 3

IMG_9110 3


I was shown to a sofa and immediately an ornate small table was set in front of me and a tray with a beautiful, traditional teapot and a small glass was set upon it. I was also presented with a selection of Moroccan pastries and a wet flannel to wipe my face. All of this was complimentary!

I sat and drank hot, sweet mint tea and soaked up my surroundings. The overhead sun warmed my face and birds flew around the courtyard, their song echoing on the surrounding high walls. I relaxed to the sound of the flowing water from the fountain and felt happy.

IMG_9111 3
Complimentary mint tea and pastries.

I was shown to my room and, once again, I couldn’t believe my eyes! My room was gorgeous! I have never stayed in such a beautiful space before and as for the bathroom – just wow! Again, more mint tea was bought for me and complimentary fruit skewers.

After my tea, I laid on my bed and sunk into the thick duvet and huge pillows. Absolute heaven!

IMG_9116 3

IMG_9117 3

IMG_9120 3

IMG_9121 3

IMG_9122 3

If you like, you can watch a quick video HERE on my YouTube channel where I show you around the Riad starting from the courtyard right up to the beautiful roof terrace where I had my breakfast the following morning.








I actually was stunned at the value for money at this Riad. I was paying just £11 GBP a night! There were more slightly larger rooms which were a little dearer but my room would be perfectly adequate for a couple.

Included in the price was:

  • Mint tea, pastries, fruit skewers and a flannel upon arrival.

  • A thick robe.

  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, all in gorgeous little bottles.

  • Two flannels.

  • Towels.

  • A hairdryer.

  • A huge breakfast which consisted of pancakes, bread, yoghurt, fruit salad, juice, coffee, jam, honey and butter.

Here’s a LINK to El Faris Riad website. Should you decide to visit Marrakech, I hope you take this gorgeous little Riad into consideration.

Happy travels, everyone!

Love Heidi xx




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