So many moons ago, I was introduced to this incredible novel, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

I was young, and this book awakened in me the stirrings of a connection to something deeper within, a connection to a million lifetimes ago. That resonation took me on a journey, deep and still in my heart,  to connect with the Goddess, to honour the deep reverence I hold for the land, our ancestors.

I attended many pagan festivals back in the day and had a lot of fun! I remember thinking the couples who at Beltane, lept hand in hand and naked over the fire, were very brave indeed!

Since those days, my heart has awakened to many other traditions, many of which I still work into my daily practice now, but my heart always ends up at the Isle of Avalon.

I am missing today my visit to Glastonbury to celebrate Beltane as I’m still unable to drive on account of my healing leg, but thank the Goddess for Zoom! Tonight I shall be joining with other temple madrons and priestesses and Goddess communities from around the world in a beautiful ceremony of celebration of Sheela -na -gig and all Goddesses of love and sexuality.

Today, is also my mum’s 80th birthday! 
Happy birthday Mumma, Happy Beltane everyone.

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