Christmas Fair

Hey lovely readers.

Knitty Nana Knits has done their first ever Christmas Fair

Last Saturday, my daughter and I turned up at the craft fair venue with our car laden with props and stock and proceeded to set up our stall. It was such a joy to see all my knitted things finally on display. I had spent weeks and weeks knitting like mad in preparation of this event and there were times when I doubted I’d have enough stock to show, but of course it was all fine!

Since mid-August, my PTSD has been super bad, (it had died down a while during October but a trigger in early November sent it sky rocketing again), and knitting for this craft fair was what got me through. Head down, loom and yarn out, a little something on Netflix and I was able to get through. I start my PTSD therapy on 6th December but that’s a different story.

Anyway, back to the Christmas craft fair. So obviously, the reason for going to all the trouble, expense ( love, actually) of creating lots of lovely crafts to display is to sell them, of course! Or so I thought. I did sell quite well but very soon after setting up I realised that even if I made just a tenner, the day would’ve been a success. I felt really festive! There were rooms full of crafty makers and just being around all these wonderful and creative people lifted my spirits no end. I did have a couple of wobbly moments when I saw children with their grandparents but I just turned away for a quick second, sniffed up any threatening tears and then carried on. Thankfully, I had my beautiful daughter with me on hand to help throughout the day. I appreciate her so much!

And…..I made two new friends. The two ladies who had their stalls next to me were fab! Jo sold incredible watercolour art and Sandy’s love for sewing shone through in all her makes. Two very talented ladies. What’s more, they’ve invited me to become a part of their art get-togethers.

Anyway, I’d better pop off now. I’m taking my boy to see the new Matilda musical at the cinema this afternoon

Love Heidi 🧶❄️🎅🌲❤️

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