A New Mattress

Manifesting Stories #2

Some years ago, when I was realising that I could literally ‘dream up’ anything, I decided to give it a go with a new mattress.

The mattress I was using on my own bed at that time was very old, seriously lumpy and extremely uncomfortable! Before my newly found thought freedom, any thoughts of a new mattress had been fraught with feelings of lack and of having no idea how I could ever afford one and so they were pushed to the back of my mind whilst my thoughts instead only concentrated on the day to day and how to manage my children and their special needs.

Anyway, once I had decided to try the whole ‘manifesting anything we like’ magic out on a new mattress for myself, each night, when I went to bed, I would breathe calmly and slowly and get myself into a meditative state. I cleared my mind of the days worries and gave no thought to the busy day which would lay ahead with the children when I awoke.

Instead, I lay there and ran my hands over the bed sheet and attempted to completely ignore the broken springs of the mattress which were sticking in my body. As I did this, I very strongly ‘felt’ the firmness of my new mattress, all the while, over and over, saying, Thank You, Thank You and I really love my new mattress. I fell to sleep this way and repeated this ritual each night.

I can’t now remember how many days later ( this happened many years ago), but definitely under a week, I was on the phone to my old school friend. We were just chatting about this and that and then she said, ‘You don’t happen to know anyone who needs a mattress, do you?’

I felt that lovely, warm feeling of alignment to Source come over me and I told her that I did indeed know someone; me! She told me it was one she had been using herself but her and her husband were updating and they were looking to give theirs away for free. Now, just to say, my friend and her husband only ever had very nice and new things in their house. They are very much people who like to have a good quality of life, materialistically, and everything in their home reflects that. So, needless to say, I knew the mattress was going to be in tip top, used condition.

A few nights later, I found myself spreading fresh sheets over my lovely new mattress. Well, new to me, anyway. My friend had obviously used a very potent smelling fabric conditioner on her sheets as the mattress smelled amazing! But that wasn’t the best of it. The mattress was deep, incredibly good quality, stain free, firm and just so wonderfully comfortable.

All these years later ( it must be around 10 years ago now), I am still using this mattress as I have had absolutely no reason to change it. It’s been jumped on multiple times by my kids whilst we’ve been play fighting! a All my kids and I have slept on it together, many times over the years, and yet it still has kept its firmness and good quality.

I’m so grateful to my friend who offered me this gift and I’m also so grateful for my awakening.

I wish to all of you who reads my blog that you, yourselves, come to know that with gratitude, love and faith in the unseen hands that hold you and the unseen arms that envelope you, that you too can find your ability to receive.

Heidi xx

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